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The Goliath is a standard MIDI controller. It lets you take control of multiple parameters at once with just one encoder! With the Goliath you can create complex changes to your sound while playing and record complex automation to your DAW by controlling multiple plugin parameters at once. Because it's battery powered, the Goliath is perfect for live performances. The Goliath is a great companion to a synthesizer, modular rig, drum machine or anything with a MIDI input.

Main features

- MIDI learn 
- Standalone operation
- Control multiple MIDI CCs at once across multiple channels
- MIDI CCs randomization
- Random notes generator
- Battery powered (9VDC, battery not included)

Note: the version without the enclosure comes with standoffs and screws included. It is possible to laser cut the enclosure using the file available here
Suggested material: Plexiglass
Material thickness: 3mm max


User manual

FUP (use this software to upgrade or restore the firmware of your Goliath)

Current firmware
Firmware 0.8