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Mutuj allows control of 4 incoming gate/trigger signals.
Each input is muted/unmuted using either one of the switches or an external signal; alternatively inputs can also be soloed.

Inputs are soloed by first pressing the switch positioned on the lower bottom side of the panel (solo switch), the red LED in the middle of the panel will lit up indicating that any of the inputs can now be armed to be soloed (pressing the switch again will disable this function and allow muting/unmuting of the inputs normally).
Pressing any of the inputs switch will arm the specific input to be soloed once the solo switch is pressed again; the corresponding LED will turn yellow indicating that the input has been armed. Upon pressing the solo switch again, the armed input will be soloed (unmuted) and the others will be muted.

There are two ways of muting/unmuting an input, this can be selected on startup. To select which method will be used, either press and hold input 1 or input 4 switch before the module is switched on.
The first method allows to mute/unmute the input as soon as the corresponding switch is pressed, the second method will mute/unmute the input after the switch is released.

  • Output levels: 0-5V
  • 10HP
  • +12V
  • Input impedance: 100K